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She's leaving home ::: A carta da moça

Em postagem do ano passado (aqui), falei do projeto em que os alunos escrevem a carta da filha que foge de casa em "She's leaving home". A filha que, num primeiro momento (e numa abordagem profundamente superficial) pode parecer ingrata, mas que estava é harta da superproteção e do egoísmo dos pais, e por isso ganha o mundo em busca da sua voz. E de amor.

Curioso como a letra fala primeiro em 'note' ("Leaving a note that she hoped would say more") para logo em seguida falar em 'letter' ("Picks up the letter that was lying there").

Houve quem escrevesse note, houve quem escrevesse letter. Nem falarei modéstia à parte, que o mérito nem é meu mesmo: mas o Paul ia amar. =)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well this is the only way that I found to make you pay attention to what I’m about to say.

You thought you were giving me everything but actually you didn’t give me what I really need.

I fell in love, something that I think you’ll never understand. He loves me back, and to love each other we are going to run away.

Please don’t pretend that this is about you. For the first time I’m doing something for me and you are not going to stop me.

Bye-bye. I hope someday we may meet again.


You don’t know why I have to say goodbye. That’s the reason why. I know that you could have loved me better but you didn’t. I loved you. I love you. I’ll always love you but you don’t feel the same as I do. I’m not trying to ruin your happiness. I’m trying to find my own. This is about me now, not you anymore


Well… I don’t know exactly how start this letter, but I just can’t take it anymore! If you try to look for me, it’s too late, by the time you are reading this I’m already far away.
If you’re still blind and ask yourselves “why”, I will tell you all the things you and dad did to me since I was born. In my whole life, I never received any type of affection or love. Everything that I did, everything that I said… EVERYTHING was wrong for you and nothing could make you happy. I never had parents who care about me and about my happiness. Now I found what love means, now I can be happy, but far from you. Thank you for treating me as nothing. Bye

Dear parents, forgive me for leaving you like this, you must think that I’m ungrateful and don’t love you as you think I should. I leave this letter to explain the true meaning of love. While you thought that suffocating me was the best way to love, something came and I didn’t know what it was… now I know. It was my desire to express myself and to live my life with people who really love me, so I ran away. Overprotection isn’t love, it’s selfishness! Today I am leaving because I need to be heard, I need love, I need a true love.

Kisses from a new girl

Mom and dad, I love you, but in this last 5 years I am being unhappy and sad. I have felt that I cannot fulfill myself as a person inside home. I will find my place in the world and be happy. You protect me a lot, I appreciate every effort you have made to keep me safe. I will be OK, I won’t be alone.
I love you all. Bye.
Dear mom and dad:

By the time you are reading, I’ll be gone. I’m leaving because you never cared about my happiness. Throughout the years, I realize that money doesn’t matter. All I wanted was live my dreams with people who make me happy. Unfortunately you aren’t these people. I want you to know that I hold no grudge, but I can’t take this anymore. I hope you have a good life. I also hope you learn with the mistakes and stop being so selfish. Don’t try to find me, I’ll be fine.

Your daughter

Hi, Mom and Dad, I’m writing this letter to tell you that I’m leaving home because you don’t give me the most important that I want, isn’t money, car, home, clothes etc, that is love, and you focus so much on money that you forgot to give me some attention. And you are so jealous that probably at this moment you are thinking just about your problem, and not about me. And Fuck you, bye bye!

Your ex-daughter

I’m leaving home
I hope you’d understand
I need this to be happy
         Love you

Dear mom and dad,

I’m tired. I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of your selfish way. That’s the reason why I’m going out home. I’ll be fine everywhere. I won’t say where I will go because I don’t want you there. I don’t want to see you. This is your fault. I wanna be happy and have peace and with you, I can’t. You make me sad every day, every time. I wanna be happy once in life but you don’t care about it. So, bye.

With love,


Mom and dad, I’m sorry for leaving like this

But I’m tired of feeling that I don’t have my own voice here… I feel like I’m stuck, like I don’t have freedom.

You took care of me, gave me all the things that money could buy. But money can’t buy my freedom or love.

All that I ever wanted was your attention, your real love, and not just material things.

I hope you realize that money and selfishness aren’t what really matter.

I’ll be fine. I’ll be happy and free.

Love you, bye bye…


Mom and dad,

By the time you read this I should be probably be miles away. I know deep down in my heart you love me but I need to go find something that you can’t buy me.

I’ll send letters soon, please take care of yourselves.

With love,

Your daughter.
Dear Father and Mother

I think that I should never come back home because you two treat me like a little kid, and I am not a little kid anymore, so I gonna stay out of your home for the rest of my life, because I want respect, and not a lot of gifts and money. I still love you too, but I can’t go on living like that, good-bye until never more.

With all my feelings
Your daughter

Mom, dad, I came through this to say what I could never say personally. Not because I don’t have courage, it’s because you couldn’t get it. I know you guys think you love me but, after all, all this love is just a pressure and my life became the life you always wanted and couldn’t have it. But you never really think about me, what I want, what will make me happy. That’s why I      ‘m leaving, ‘cause I want to live my life, to be the real me. I hope you guys really try to understand me. And still remember me as the little girl you think I am. With hope and nowhere to go. Your little darling.

Dear mom and dad,

I’m sorry, but I had to do that. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t feeling good enough. For a long time I was feeling this way.

You’re stupid, overprotective and selfish! You guys only think of money and things. You never thought about me, about my happiness! I didn’t feel loved by you…

I won’t tell you where I’m going or if I’m alone or with someone. I’m finally free!

Well, that’s what I had to say.
XOXO, your daughter

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