Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the morning he felt the bodkin stuck in

Luziânia-GO :: abril de 2013

in the morning he felt the bodkin stuck in
he went outside as usual
staggered a little in the beginning
but eventually pulled himself together
he didn't bleed copiously
steadily he bled
his viscous blood dripped as he walked
noone noticed
except a little girl
when he had to wait for a green light
and a puddle was formed
and a dog came to lick

the morning became a day which
became a couplet which became
a week which became a month wh
ich a year and years
the cycles keep turning
if we notice or not
if we are alive or not

he married had a son
never did the bleeding stop

the one night it
was a Sunday night he alone in the kitchen
felt the bodkin loose
and then carefully set it back to its proper place

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