Saturday, December 15, 2012

As Cartas Eróticas de James Joyce

Há exatos 112 anos James Joyce escrevia mais uma de suas cartas eróticas para Nora. Dizer erótico é eufêmico, suas cartas são desabridamente pornográficas, oh docemente pornográficas.

Reparem que a carta faz referências a cartas passadas, estas sim!, ainda mais "sujas".

Não há sujeira aqui, apenas traduzi um termo do inglês.

Não há sujeira aqui, mas Jim bem teve que lavar as mãos ao fim da escrita.

E não peçam que traduza nada, que ando em fase muito pudica.


Dublin 15 December 1909


No letter! Now I am sure my girlie is offended at my filthy words. Are you offended, dear, as what I said about your drawers? That is all nonsense, darling. I know they are spotless as your hearth. I know I could lick them all over, frills, legs and bottom. Only I love in my dirty way to think that in a certain part they are soiled. It is all nonsense, too, dear, about buggering you. It is only the dirty sound of the word I like, the idea of a shy beautiful young girl like Nora pulling up her clothes behind and revealing her sweet white girlish drawers in order to excite the dirty fellow she is so fond of; and then letting him stick his dirty red lumpy pole in through the split of her drawers and up up up in the darling little hole between her plump fresh buttocks.

Darling, I came off just now in my trousers so that I am utterly played out. I cannot go to the G.P.O. though I have three letters to post.

To bed - to bed!

Goodnight, Nora mia!


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