Sunday, September 14, 2014

Alunos que escrevem Haikais em pleno 2014

Pegando a deixa deste post aqui, em que o grupo CAp 2013 escreveu seus haikais, segue pequena antologia deste ano, coligida em lugares díspares como os vetustos manuais japoneses de poesia monástica do século XII ou a rampa do Colégio de Aplicação da UFRJ.

Lembrando que todos os haikais deveriam ser sobre as amendoeiras caducas vislumbradas da famosa rampa.

Let what you have go
If you own it
The leaf will again grow
(Ivan Hisho)

Life blowing leaves
The autumn holding deep
A beautiful almond tree
(Larissa Dias Basho)

The last leaves on the branches
Try to survive the fall
(Manoela Watashi)

Even bad, beautiful
Infinity, never ending
My sky, my feelings
(Amanda Assataro Banku)

Green and red, the true colors
No, it is not Christmas
It is just an almond tree
(Gabriel Freikotobuki)

Autumn leaves
Jumping from above
Like orange lemmings

Asking for a hug
this autumn tree
begs for love
(Milani Sankai)

Leaves falling
Ground getting full
A girl staring at the scene
(Júlia Sintoshi)

Trees staring at you
Red eyes looking everywhere
Lost in streets and leaves
(Beatriz Mataro Caxa)

 Let me fall
from this tree
It’s my time, I see
(Fred Mishima)

A feeling of sadness comes o’er me
when I see these almond trees
with leaves to be seen

When I’m sad
My dreams leave my mind
Such as the leaves of the almond tree
(Larrissa Sashimi)

Leaves falling
as always do
as people do too
(Vitor Caxerô)

May be hard, may be cold
But when it warms up
It will be strong and new
(Gabriel Fuku)

All leaves fall
In love
We fall
(Evandro Sake)

Your wind came
In one passing movement
My captive leaves yet stay
(Luisa Fujiro)

O naked tree
Your few colors whisper to me
Who I can be
(Letícia Nakombi)

Orange, red, gray
Colours of dispair
Inner winter has come
(Thaís Sayonara)

Summer? Why summer?
What of winter and the cold
And the beautiful orange rug?
(Camila (Daissuki)

A bed of thousand leaves
The more they fall from the trees
The more I want to lie on them (Gabriela ア系アメリカ人である)

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